Superb Quality

Each longboard is hand crafted to perfection by our professional designers.

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Cruising innovation at its finest

The ride from a Mammoth longboard is unbeatable. There is nothing more satisfying than the sensation of flowing over glass as you haul down the steepest inclines.

Hand Crafted Decks

Each graphic is designed by our highly credited artists. You'll never find such flexibility in a deck than you will with a Mammoth board.

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Supreme Glide

Your bearings are greased and oiled to provide you with a gentle ride, and our wheels and trucks are top of the line.

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Mammoth Longboards Make Great Gifts

Whether its christmas and you want to surprise your son with his first board, or your grandma has been dreaming of something to do outside of the house, Mammoth Longboards make the perfect gift for riders of all ages.

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