Everything from Cruisers to Old School rides, we have it all.

Gold Coast Standard


Setting the standard doesn't come easy in any discipline. Take producers of pizza for example. They all claim to be hotter, tastier, and faster than the other guy--which isn't much unlike the longboard world. Luckily for you, the Gold Coast Standard Longboard actually delivers. Hot, deep-dished, and outrageously speedy, the Standard features prime ingredients like Shred Boot wheels, Century trucks, and Gold Coast's proprietary bearings.

Arbor Axis Premium


For many of us, snowboarding was the gateway to longboarding; and the Arbor Axis Premium Longboard Complete, with it's drop through shape and medium flex is designed to surf the earth just like your favorite snowboard. Take to those mellow hills, rock some killer slides, and play on the side streets on this mellow carver.

Arbor Skateboards Timeless Walnut Carver


The Arbor Timeless Walnut Carver Longboard is a classic pintail carver designed for smooth, open-stance skating. It features a wide concave platform and substantial wheelbase for maximum push and speed stability. Sitting on the Gullwig 10" Charger I Trucks, the best all-around reverse kingpin truck on the market, it delivers excellent cruise and carve oriented performance. While the Freeride series wheels provde excellent carve, downhill, slide, and urban commute performance. Ideal for managing your speed, drifting, or any king of high-powered turning. The offset hub offers the right balance between grip and slip, a wide contact patch for traction, and a sharp, flexible inner and outer lip that allow the wheel to conform to the road.

Bamboo & Fiberglass Drop Through


The Magneto Bamboo Drop-Through Longboard is a premium Longboard made with pride, from the cold pressing of the deck to the super rebounding wheels, this board ticks all the boxes.

Gold Coast Infinitas Drop Through


With the longest wheelbase of all of Gold Coast's drop-throughs, the Infinitas Complete Longboard is the pinnacle of control and maneuverability. The drop-through mount puts your feet closer to the ground for greater stability at high speeds and easier, more comfortable pushing on flat ground.

Madrid 39" Bones Bamboo Drop Through


The Madrid 39" Bones Bamboo Drop Through is designed for carving, cruising, and freestyle. Sandwich pressed with 2 ply of bamboo, and 7 ply of maple, it measures 39" long and 9.5" wide. The symmetrical shape has wheel cutouts to reduce the chance of wheel bite. The drop through platform has rocker and radial concave for support and push comfort.

Sector 9 Meridian


As part of the Classix Series, the Sector 9 Meridian Longboard Complete blends the world of freeriders with the world of commuters into one package. A slight concave opens up control for mangling steep highway runs and the Gullwing Chargers, ABEC 5 bearings, and TS wheels all provide top-notch support when the going gets tough. If you're looking for something to just get you to class or work, the Meridian still holds down the competition with luxury styling and a smooth ride.

Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Pintail


Krown Presents the Exotic Series, featuring Bamboo / Maple Core Construction. This pintail shape comes equipped with 71mm wheels, 7.0 trucks, and speed bearings. The top is coated with a long-lasting spray on grit to show off the bamboo and cleans easily. The pintail shape is easily the most popular in Longboarding and its for no other reason that it is awesome to ride. The longer wheel base gives a fluid flex point and the running board is so long that you can change your foot position and ride it a bunch of different ways.

Quest 44 Pintail


Cruise in style on the Quest 44" Pintail Longboard Skateboard. This longboard is built to last and features a sturdy maple concave deck with slant trucks and Polyurethane wheels. Leave the walking to everyone else as you make your way on this kids longboard. Scare your mom while also impressing your friends with this longboard skateboard.

Sector 9 Mini Lookout


A daily cruiser with speed and stability to burn, the Sector 9 Mini Lookout Longboard Complete carves with authority and will get you to class or your rendezvous with your triple tall latte with time to spare. Built with sustainably harvested vertically laminated bamboo in the classic Sector 9 "Taco" mold, this board is as beautiful as it is fun to ride.